Omicron cancels thousands of Christmas flights worldwide

Omicron cancels thousands of Christmas flights worldwide

Millions of people have faced travel disruption over Christmas after airline companies have cancelled thousands of flights worldwide as the surging Omicron variant creates greater uncertainty and misery for holiday travelers.

A combination of issues, including weather, staffing shortages, COVID-19, and the omicron variant are blamed for cancellation of 4,500 flights across the world over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

More than 3,800 flights were cancelled worldwide on Christmas Day and only on Friday around 2,400 cancellations were reported, according to More than half of the cancellations came from Chinese airlines and about 20% were from US-based carriers.

Thousands of would-be travelers, looking forward to seeing family and friends for Christmas were informed at the last minute that their flights had been canceled and the main reason was that due to highly contagious omicron variant of coronavirus.

Also, pilots, flight attendants and other staff have been calling in sick or…

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