Iran slams US ‘smear campaign’ against Beijing Olympics

Iran slams US 'smear campaign' against Beijing Olympics

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman has slammed US-led efforts to boycott the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, vowing Iran’s eager participation in the games and its solidarity with China against the American “smear campaign.”

“Whether it’s ‘diplomatic boycott’ of #Beijing22, or depriving Iranian teams from accessing financial resources, everyone should denounce politicization of sport,” wrote Saeed Khatibzadeh in a Twitter post on Thursday, adding, “Looking forward to participation in the event, we express solidarity with China that is targeted by smear campaign.”

The diplomat’s expression of support for the major international sport event came days after China reacted strongly to reports that US President Joe Biden is contemplating “a diplomatic boycott” of the event, describing the scheme as “a naked political provocation.”

“The Winter Olympics is not a stage for political show and political manipulation,” spokesman Zhao Lijian told a daily news briefing on Monday.

He said a diplomatic boycott would be “a…

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