Immigrant success stories in Iran

Immigrant success stories in Iran

Iran is host to over 3.5 million refugees, under a million of which are documented Afghans and Iraqis. It is one of the longest standing, largest and most protracted urban refugee situations the world has ever seen, which started with the soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

Iraq’s problems intensified with the 2003 American occupation, although since the 1990s, the average Iraqi has been devastated by US-imposed economic sanctions.

The infant mortality rate in Iraq increased 150 percent from 1990 to 2005 as a result of said sanctions.

For many Afghans returning home is a dream long lost. They see no choice but to risk their very lives to cross into Iran, braving treacherous borderlands and tough mountain passes.

The situation in Iraq is not peachy either. But Iraqi refugee numbers in Iran are negligible. Why are migrants, legal and illegal, from neighbouring countries so set on coming to Iran…

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