British economy limps toward end of fiscal year

British economy limps toward end of fiscal year

Bianca Rahimi 
Press TV, London 

In January 2020, a little less than 2 years ago, the UK officially left the European Union. The umbilical cord was finally severed, and it was time for the government to make good on its Brexit pledges. 

What most people are saying is that the government has not made good on its arrangements for exiting the EU other than they’ve gone through the exit, but we haven’t had the rest of the agreement. Fishing, farming, finance regulations, all those elements are still up in the air.

And there was another promise worth mentioning; a VAT cut on energy bills that would save the average household £64 a year. Well as of spring 2022, people might see their energy bills double due to an unexpected energy crisis! And as a result of higher energy prices, the Centre for Economics and Business Research predicts in 2022, a typical UK…

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