Anti-Muslim hate speech sparks outrage in India

Anti-Muslim hate speech sparks outrage in India

Munawar Zaman
Press TV, New Delhi

Panic is on the rise among minorities particularly Muslims in India. While one can be arrested, threatened or intimidated for even criticizing the majority, threats against the minorities with vicious hate speeches and ferocious social media campaigns hardly face the course of law.

In recent weeks several far-right groups with ties to the ruling party have called for ethnic cleansing of minorities, especially the country’s Muslims.

A three day religious event, which was held in the northern Indian city of Haridwar from 17 to 19 December, faced a tremendous backlash on social and political domains. The event witnessed a dramatic quantity of hate speeches, mobilization threats and violence against Muslims.

Local media reports say some ruling party members also attended the event. Critics say these groups are operating and functioning with a strong political patronage.

A police case has been registered to investigate the matter…

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