Taliban appeal for humanitarian aid ‘without political bias’

Taliban appeal for humanitarian aid 'without political bias'

The Taliban have called on the international community to send emergency humanitarian aid to Afghanistan without “political bias,” as snow and freezing temperatures have worsened the already “sensitive situation” of millions of Afghans.

Deputy Taliban Prime Minister Abdul Ghani Baradar said in a video appeal on Friday that the world had an obligation to help people in Afghanistan.

“We call for the international community, NGOs, and all the countries not to forget our poor people,” Baradar said.

“In various places right now, people do not have food, accommodation, warm clothes, or money,” he said, adding that the world “has to support Afghan people without any political bias.”

Baradar said the weather had worsened the already “sensitive situation” of the Afghan people, and that the Taliban were prepared to help with the distribution of international aid across the country.

The Taliban have announced a state of emergency in Afghanistan, as snow has…

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