Overwhelmed by COVID-19, UK gov’t turns to private companies for help

Overwhelmed by COVID-19, UK gov't turns to private companies for help

The National Health Service (NHS), the publicly funded healthcare system in the UK, is seeking help from private health companies to deliver critical treatments such as cancer surgery, as the Omicron variant of COVID-19 keeps surging amid healthcare staff shortage.

According to Press TV, Health Secretary Sajid Javid has ordered England’s NHS to strike a 3-month agreement with private health companies to allow patients to get specific treatments, as the NHS hospitals are getting overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases.

David Sloman, NHS England Chief Operating Officer and COVID Incident Director said on Monday the deal “places independent health providers on standby to provide further help should hospitals face unsustainable levels of hospitalizations or staff absences.”

The agreement includes Practice Plus Group, Spire Healthcare, Circle Health Group, and several other leading private companies, according to the NHS.

Circle CEO Paolo Pieri said the company has been helping the NHS since the first…

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