Omicron overwhelms hospitals in early hit cities across US

Omicron overwhelms hospitals in early hit cities across US

The Omicron variant has overwhelmed hospitals in early hit cities across the United States, with experts saying this could be just the beginning.

According to Press TV, since late December, hospitalizations have increased steadily as Omicron quickly overtook Delta as the dominant coronavirus variant in the United States.

Among the new variant’s symptoms for American cities are disrupted city services and short-staffed schools.

While in Kansas, overwhelmed hospitals are turning away ambulances, in Los Angeles, hundreds of police and firefighters are out sick with the virus.

Meanwhile in New York City, garbage collection and subway services have been delayed because of staff shortages.

And schools all across the country which struggled to stay open have few teachers left to teach.

“This really does, I think, remind everyone of when COVID-19 first appeared and there were such major disruptions across every part of our normal life,” Tom Cotter, Director of Emergency…

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