Losses from flash floods in south Iran estimated at nearly $180 mln: Reports

Losses from flash floods in south Iran estimated at nearly 0 mln: Reports

Initial estimates suggest losses from flash floods that affected areas in south and southeast Iran earlier this week could amount to nearly $180 million.

Estimates provided by local authorities in four Iranian provinces affected by the floods that hit on Tuesday showed that losses inflicted on roads, homes and agriculture could reach 50 trillion rials, according to reports published in Iranian news agencies on Thursday.

Governor of Hormozgan province Mehdi Dousti said that the floods had inflicted losses worth 19 trillion rials (over $66 million) to farming, residential and transportation infrastructure in the province which is located on the Persian Gulf coast.

In neighboring Kerman province, losses were estimated at 10 trillion rials with reports showing the worst-hit regions were those located to the south of the province.

Similar amount of damage was reported in the provinces of Fars, in south Iran, and in Sistan and Baluchestan, on the southeastern…

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