Iran says December trade rose by 25% y/y to nearly $9bn

Iran says December trade rose by 25% y/y to nearly bn

Iran has reported a major surge in trade activity in the calendar month to late December as exports reached a total of $4.041 billion over the period, according to figures provided by the Iranian customs administration (IRICA).

IRICA spokesman Rouhollah Latifi said on Monday that the total value of trade reported in the month to December 21 had reached $8.951 billion, up 25% from the similar month in 2020.

Latifi said Iranian December trade deficit had amounted to around $869 million as imports into the country rose 27% year on year to stand at $4.91 billion.

Iran has been reporting a continuous growth trend in non-oil trade activity in recent years despite increased American pressure on its economy.

The boom has accelerated in recent months with an easing of coronavirus restrictions on trade around the world.

Latifi said that Iranian exports had increased by 23% year on year in the month…

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