Iran remembers 2016 capture of intruding US ships

Iran remembers 2016 capture of intruding US ships

Today is the sixth anniversary of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy’s capture of two American navy ships in the Persian Gulf, where US Navy sailors were forced to kneel down before Iranian naval forces after trespassing into Iranian territorial waters.

Marking the occasion, a commander of the IRGC, said on Wednesday that after the capture, the IRGC Navy warned American ships that they would be targeted if they came forward.

“The sailors of the second naval zone of the IRGC warned them sternly that ‘we will hit you if you enter the territorial water of the Farsi Island,’ and every time these warnings were issued, they would cause them (American ships) to retreat,” Ramezan Zirahi recalled.

He said the IRGC’s sailors were not after war, but were merely doing their duty of defending the Islamic homeland.

Pointing to the IRGC Navy’s readiness along the country’s Persian Gulf coasts,…

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