In the path of the Imam (117)

In the path of the Imam (117)

If you remember, we discussed Imam Khomeini’s guidelines on the way of political activities of armed forces and said that he was strongly against involvement of the armed forces in political parties. Thus, he would warn the Iranian Armed Forces against supporting or opposing any specific political group or establishment. In this episode, we are going to present you other parts of the Imam’s guidelines on the issue.

Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him) insistently warned the Armed Forces against political rivalries due to the fact that it would cause disruption in the structure of the Armed Forces and would seriously undermine unity of these forces. He writes in his testament, “The very entering a party for the Army, the IRGC, the military and police is not permitted. It would lead them to corruption…” The Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran believed that any involvement of the Armed Forces…

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