‘Dishonest reports’ won’t weaken Iran’s will to secure nation’s rights: Baqeri-Kani

'Dishonest reports' won't weaken Iran's will to secure nation's rights: Baqeri-Kani

Iran’s chief negotiator in Vienna talks has once again reaffirmed the Islamic Republic’s determination to reach a deal with the P4+1 group of countries on the removal of the illegal sanctions during the ongoing negotiations in the Austrian capital, saying “dishonest reports” from outside the negotiating room will fail to have any impact on Tehran’s will.

“Dishonest reports from outside negotiating room won’t weaken our will to reach a deal securing our nation’s rights & interests,” Ali Baqeri-Kani said in a post on his Twitter account on Friday as talks are underway between Iran and the five remaining signatories to the 2015 nuclear agreement aimed at securing the removal of the illegal sanctions imposed by the US on Iran after Washington’s withdrawal from the accord, and reviving the embattled deal, Press TV reported.

Baqeri-Kani, who serves as Iran’s deputy foreign minister for political affairs, emphasized that the nuclear agreement, officially…

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