Constitutional order mostly restored in Kazakhstan, says president

Constitutional order mostly restored in Kazakhstan, says president

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev says constitutional order has mostly been restored in the Central Asian nation as security forces appeared in control of the streets in the country’s main city of Almaty.

“An anti-terrorist operation has been launched. The forces of law and order are working hard. Constitutional order has largely been restored in all regions of the country,” Tokayev declared in a Friday statement as pockets of protests and unrest reportedly continued in the country, a major oil producer and the world’s top producer of uranium.

“Local authorities are in control of the situation. But terrorists are still using weapons and damaging the property of citizens,” he further asserted. “Therefore, counter-terrorist actions should be continued until the militants are completely eliminated.”

The country’s interior ministry also announced that 26 “armed criminals” had been “liquidated” and more than 3,000 were detained, adding that 18 police and national guard officers had…

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