Nike Virtual Studio to Airdrop OF1 to .SWOOSH Community Members

The Nike Virtual Studio launch of the OF1 is also in tandem with the ideologies as it seeks to preserve the legacies of the Nike sneakers in all of their glory to collectors.

Web 3.0 startup, Nike Virtual Studio is set to release the Our Force 1 (OF1) Non-Fungible Token (NFT) token as it seeks to power the accessibility to custom utilities for communities linked to its growth across the board. As detailed in a blog post, the chain of events leading to the release of the OF1 collection will see the launch of the .SWOOSH Airdrop.

The SWOOSH Airdrop will see a total of 106,453 OF1 Posters sent as gifts to .SWOOSH members. Despite its rarity, the OF1 poster airdrop will give each member of the .SWOOSH family a 1 in 3 chance of getting their hands on one airdrop or the other.

The OF1 poster airdrop is designed to serve as a mint pass to the main OF1 collection that is scheduled to be launched in about 3 weeks’ time. The mint pass that the OF1 Poster will grant access to will be a guaranteed one, meaning with the OF1 Poster, every beneficiary will be able to land themselves at least one OF1 NFT.

The role played by the .SWOOSH members in voting for unique concepts guiding the development of the OF1 collection helped in the design of 20 unique styles of Air Force 1 sneakers. These designs are built across four major posters bordering on Cultural, Heritage, Innovation, and Regional brackets.

The acclaimed relevance attached to NFTs and digital collectibles dates back to the season just before the crypto winter. With top NFT artists like Beeple raking in more than $63 million in Ethereum for a piece of collage, mainstream brands came to an understanding that digital arts are the future and could serve as a good investment to rebuild interactions with their fandom.

The Nike Virtual Studio launch of the OF1 is also in tandem with the ideologies as it seeks to preserve the legacies of the Nike sneakers in all of their glory to collectors.

Nike Virtual Studio OF1: Targeted Beneficiaries

Though the relevance of the Nike Virtual Studio-backed OF1 is billed to be universal, there are primary targets it hopes will benefit directly from the airdrop to begin with. Per the blog post, the first beneficiaries will be the community members who helped in creating the iconic collection.

Users who sign up for .SWOOSH before April 12, you have about a 33% chance of getting an airdrop.

This first group will feature YourForce1 challenge participants, as well as .SWOOSH Session attendees. Additionally, members of Nike’s DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and SCI (Social Community and Impact) partnership organizations will also gain access to the airdrop with priority placed on .SWOOSH members who register through these programs.

Returning maximal value is the hallmark of community building in today’s Web 3.0 space. While Nike Virtual Studio is championing this narrative, other more established brands like Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) ecosystem are helping to drive similar sentiment on a more grand scale.

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