NFT Paris Attendees Wow at 3D-Printed Fashion Collection Inspired by Nouns

A proposal by Nouns revealed that Peleg was offered $140,000 in funding for the 3D-printed fashion collection.

A web3 enthusiast and fashion designer Danit Peleg recently showcased her first 3D-printed fashion collection inspired by 3D NFT community Nouns. Since Nounces went live in 2023, the Ethereum project auctions a new non-fungible token each day. Also, proceeds from the digital collectible go to an open-source intellectual property. The fashion designer displayed her 3D-printed fashion collection at the NFT Paris Conference, which was held on the 24th and 25th of February. Popular names within the new technologies were speakers at the event, such as Yuga Labs co-founder Greg Solano and the co-founder of SuperRare Labs Jonathan Perkins. Thousands of web3 fanatics attended NFT Paris at the Grand Palais Éphémère.

3D-Printed Fashion Collection Inspired by Nouns

According to Peleg, her inspiration comes from “everything about Nouns.” She told Decrypt that she figured the best way she could contribute to Nouns was through the 3D-printed fashion collection. Each of the five outfits the stylist had at the event was inspired by NFTs in the profile picture collection and the Nouns brand. Some of the pieces include the recreation of the minted avatars. Also, she used different 3D printing technologies to actualize her vision of the printed 3D-printed collection. The technologies employed were Multi Jet Fusion, FDM, and Polyjet, which produced accurate parts, smooth prototypes, and tooling. While some of the clothes were joined with printed pieces, others had hinges between Nouns characters.

Notably, Noun’s open-source model, which gives access to even those without NFTs, got her attention. The Creative Commons o (CCo) model permits anyone with or without Nouns NFT to sell or create brand-based projects. The fashion designer expressed her interest in the community’s NFT structure and how the group utilizes its funds in “amazing” ways. The NFT community has about $45 million worth of ETH in its treasury and has funded different projects over time. The team has supported the 2023 Rose Parade, comic books, and TV pilots.

Nouns Funding towards the Project

Furthermore, a proposal by Nouns revealed that Peleg was offered $140,000 in funding for the 3D-printed fashion collection. The funding was across three milestones- develop, construct, and showcase. Speaking on building trust with the community, the fashion designer stated:

“I started small, delivered value, and grew the support from the community- and then I got higher funding as trust was established.”

As a fashion student, the talented fashion designer’s first collection went viral in 2015. While graduating from the Shenkar College of Design, Peleg conducted vigorous research. Eventually, she found a lab in Tel Aviv where she learned about the process and performed some experiments.

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