Why my retirement won’t include a ‘bucket list’

Why my retirement won't include a 'bucket list'

I just turned 62. That’s the milestone age when so much of the magic—and the decision-making—of retirement begins to happen.

For the record, although I recently left the workforce early to pursue a long-simmering passion for writing, I won’t be starting Social Security payments early. Nor—unless something changes health-wise—do I intend to begin distributions from my IRAs any time soon. Before I go down those two routes, I plan to live off my taxable-account savings and minimal dividend income for as long as I can.

In the meantime, I’m busy pulling together my “challenge list” of things I want to experience and achieve in the years ahead. Note that I call this a challenge list, not a bucket list—a term I find horrid. Do we really want to be counting down a list of to-do items before we kick the bucket?

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