This editor gave herself 30 months to pay off $55,000 in debt—here’s how she did it even faster

This editor gave herself 30 months to pay off ,000 in debt—here's how she did it even faster

I wasn’t always nerdy about money. In fact, when I decided to take control of my finances in January 2015, I didn’t even know how much debt I had.

My mom gave me a personal finance book that year for Christmas. I read it in two days and went from being oblivious about my finances to starting an emergency fund and creating a budget. My ultimate goal was to pay off all of my debt, and I gave myself 30 months to do it.

I still remember when I sat down to crunch the numbers. I honestly had no idea how much my car, credit cards, personal loans and student loans would come to. I was shocked when I discovered I owed more than $55,000.

This was especially distressing because I had recently moved to Washington, D.C., and was already nervous about the expensive city I had just made my home.


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