The ‘best job in America’ pays up to $125,000 a year — and has 10,000 job openings

The ‘best job in America’ pays up to 5,000 a year — and has 10,000 job openings

Most people want to find a job that keeps up with inflation and provides some level of work-life flexibility, but they also want to be happy. After all, most Americans spend at least eight hours a day working — and often without paid time off.

It’s the $125,000 question in an increasingly unpredictable labor market: How can you have it all? Is there a career that comes with the prospect of a six-figure income, high job satisfaction and has enough job openings to make it a real possibility?

Workers quit their jobs at record pace in November, suggesting that people are fed up. The number of quits increased by 370,000 to a record 4.5 million in November. The “quits rate” rose to 3% from 2.8% in October. 

At the same time, job openings fell by 529,000 to 10.6 million on the last day of November, the…

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