My late mother’s will was signed under ‘suspicious circumstances.’ My father emptied her $2M estate — and now lives with his much younger wife.

My late mother's will was signed under 'suspicious circumstances.' My father emptied her M estate — and now lives with his much younger wife.

My darling mother died in 2008 in Florida. Her will — in my opinion fake, but I can’t prove it — was signed weeks before her death under suspicious circumstances, and creates a trust. 

That trust stipulates that her husband, my father, gets to use the income from her estate until his death, at which time her estate is to be distributed to her three children or their heirs. Unfortunately, it also named her husband executor. 

My father is independently wealthy; my guess is he was worth $15 million in 2008. He doesn’t need a home, as he lives with his new and much younger wife in her home. We children are well aware that all of his money is going to her and her children, in Australia, and we agree we have no claim to it.

As soon as the funeral was over, my father took all of my mother’s…

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