Fixing Biden’s China policy

Fixing Biden's China policy

China’s global ambitions pose an existential threat to Western democracy, prosperity and security, but the Biden administration, preoccupied with domestic economic renewal and social justice, has not articulated a comprehensive policy.

Cooperation on climate change could materialize but the consequences for economic competition—fundamentally the trade and investment relationship—and China’s military remain paramount.

No policies

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai’s nine-month review of China policy resulted in a five-page speech and offered little new. She continues negotiations with an adversary that won’t offer substantive concessions or honor commitments from past agreements. And is embarking on a radical transformation of its socialist-market economy aimed at burying democratic capitalism.

After 11 months, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has yet to articulate a comprehensive plan and budget requirements to counter Chinese intimidation in the Pacific, the expanding reach of its military into the Persian Gulf and reverse the deteriorating combat readiness of the U.S. fleet.

China’s military could easily overwhelm Taiwan’s defenses….

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