Hendrik Hey, Founder of MILC, Has Advice for Those Looking to Make It in Metaverse

MILC enables creators and media companies to connect with the right ecosystem filled with their own peers.

The metaverse is growing at a fast pace and new protocols like the MILC Metaverse, aimed at fostering a unique integration of the media have been tipped as a better option for those looking to make it in this space. The MILC protocol is a multimedia platform that is designed for creatives, advertisers, and everyone irrespective of their leaning toward Web 3.0 at this time.

While the bulk of emerging metaverse projects is focused on gaming, the MILC Metaverse aims to use a combination of virtual reality, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence to bridge the gap between content creators and producers. The MILC Metaverse is a product of the ingenuity of its founder Hendrik Hey.

“There are many metaverses, but few have a true identity. MILC is a multimedia content platform and marketplace with few, if any, competitors and a built-in audience of creatives hungry for new ways to share their content,” said Hey. “The entertainment and creative industries are always open to new ways of doing things, and we believe they will embrace this. Because the truth is, if nobody uses your metaverse, it can’t be successful.”

The MILC metaverse has a unique focus on three key cardinal anchors of its ecosystem including the media, the content creators, and advertisers.

The Tripartite Offering of the MILC Metaverse

MILC enables creators and media companies to connect with the right ecosystem filled with their own peers. Since piracy and copyright violation remains a major concern for this category of ecosystem users, the MILC Metaverse, through its foolproof and variable protocol, helps prevent these right violations.

Besides helping content creators and media companies to get their creations in front of the right people, it also helps to bring out their creativities through its multimedia infrastructure. The metaverse also offers a functional marketplace that can help content creators to harness the right opportunities to commercialize their works.

For advertisers, the MILC Metaverse offers a tailored ad service that targets specific target audiences rather than the general public. Sponsored ads are pushed to the right people thus offering higher possibilities of conversion and productivity at the end of the day.

“Traditional ads and banners may be dying in web2, but in web3, advertisers are introduced to a whole new (virtual) world where they can add value and brand awareness to the consumer experience,” said Hey.

While the metaverse is a relatively new environment, advertisers who embrace this technology are bound to get a first-mover advantage that can help them create a very deep connection with tech-savvy Web 3.0 users early on.

The MILC Metaverse is even more designed to benefit the users of the metaverse. Since creators and advertisers exist because of the users, MILC will encourage the creation of useful content that will be worth everyone’s time invested in the platform.

Drawing on the core tenet of decentralizing revenue, MILC Metaverse also has an earning-based system whereby users of the platform will earn rewards for interacting with the protocol. The MILC Metaverse is one of the few live and operational 3D platforms on web3. You can also learn more about the future development of the MILC Metaverse in the Whitepaper V2.

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