Google Cloud Joins Hands with Polygon Labs to Boost Web3 Adoption

As part of the partnership, Google will bring the Blockchain Node Engine, which is Google’s fully managed node hosting service, to the Polygon ecosystem.

In a recent development, Google Cloud announced its partnership with Polygon Labs and will thus make it easier for developers to build, launch, as well as grow their Web3 products and other decentralized applications on the Layer-2 scalability platform of Ethereum.

This strategic alliance will help in boosting the transaction throughput which will unlock several use cases in the sectors of supply chain, gaming, and decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Polygon blockchain.

Also, as part of the partnership, Google will bring the Blockchain Node Engine, which is Google’s fully managed node hosting service, to the Polygon ecosystem. This will help developers to focus on building the protocol while retaining complete control over the nodes deployed. Also, developers will have no longer to worry about configuring and running their Polygon PoS nodes.

Furthermore, the Google Cloud marketplace is offering developers a simple one-click deployment of the Polygon PoS node for powering their dApps quickly and easily. Commenting on the development, Ryan Wyatt, President, Polygon Labs said:

“Google Cloud supporting all of the Polygon protocols is a step in the right direction to help onboard more people into Web3. Today’s announcement with Google Cloud aims to increase transaction throughput enabling use cases in gaming, supply chain management, and DeFi. This will pave the way for even more businesses to embrace blockchain technology through Polygon.”

Google Is Making Its Way Into the Web3 World with Polygon

Google, which has dominated the Web2 market for a long, is now making to make a move into the rapidly emerging Web3 world. Much recently, Google launched its “Google for Startups Cloud Program” which will support startups and emerging projects in the Web3 space to scale their projects faster and even more securely.

Also, the Celo Foundation announced earlier this month that it would work with Google Cloud to offer workshops and other cloud computing services to developers and other Web3 founders building on Celo. Also, the tech powerhouse noted that its partnership with Polygon would help the protocol to take further its zero-knowledge innovation strategy. This will help in making the transactions even faster and cheaper.

The statement reads:

“Initial tests to run Polygon zkEVM’s zero-knowledge proofs on Google Cloud, for instance, resulted in significantly faster and cheaper transactions as compared to the existing setup.”

It’s just last month that Polygon has released its zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) beta to the public.

Mitesh Agarwal, managing director of customer engineering and Web3 go-to-market, Asia Pacific of Google Cloud, said:

“Google Cloud is helping the industry achieve escape velocity by directing our engineering efforts toward areas like improving data availability and enhancing the resilience and performance of scaling protocols like zero-knowledge proofs”.

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