A Hidden Gold Mine in Every Business

Gold Mine in Every Business – In many firms, the majority of the business appears to be operating under a totally distinct set of regulations and operate using a different language those in the IT or computer service sector within the company. 

This is a bit artificial and is maintained in part by IT professionals themselves, due to the particular cultural mindset that technical professionals have regarding their specific knowledge and their application areas. 

However, the individuals who are not from IT share the same goal like every other professional that is to be successful personally as well as in corporate collaboration on projects.

For those of us who are working in the business side of the corporate world depend on the computer experts to tell us how things are progressing using that valuable asset the IT system, software and hardware. 

The majority of medium-sized to large enterprises have extremely high capacity computers or a large number of computers linked to networks. These systems need to operate at peak performance every day in order to achieve the goals of the company.

The budget for maintenance and upgrades for the computers running your business are sure to be an impressive portion of the budget for your company each year. 

However, since these systems are what keep you competitive in the market it is well worthwhile to ensure that the critical tasks these powerful machines can get completed in a timely manner each month and week.

When computers begin to exhibit signs of strain to handle the workload and we give it the potential to be a source of worry for businesses. 

If your company’s model of operation suggests that the burden of resources or traffic may be stretched over what the computer are able to handle with their current computing power.

This weakness of the IT infrastructure poses a serious threat to the business in the event that the system is overwhelmed in the event of a massive quantity of work that needs to be performed by the computers.

What no one realizes is that there could be an undiscovered goldmine of computing capacity within your IT resources that isn’t being fully utilized. It’s not unusual to hear from your IT specialists to state their systems run operating at 80-90 percent capacity and should be upgraded in order to accommodate the next significant growth in business.

This hidden goldmine is a field that has existed for a while, but is rarely utilized in today’s business. The discipline is known as “capacity planning”. 

When you implement a capacity-planning office and monitoring system, you will be able to put the tools and know-how to determine precisely whether your computers are operating at capacity or if there’s only a need for system adjustment or re-alignment of computer schedules in order to maximize the performance of the computers you already have.

Recently, a major oil company located in the Midwest noticed that a lot of its most critical functions were causing delays in their processing, possibly due to the fact that their computers were overwhelmed and desperately in need of a costly and lengthy upgrade. 

Capacity planning measures were taken as well as the computer system analyzed to identify what the actual issue was. It was discovered that the priority of work of the new functions weren’t aligned to the demands of the system during crucial times. 

The adjustments were implemented by highly skilled administrators of the systems while they ensured that the IT system continued to operate in top-quality capacity. The delays were eliminated without further hardware or software upgrades required.

Utilizing tools for capacity planning and allowing your IT team to make use of this extremely scientific computer-based measurement and prediction technique the company can make maximum value from its computer resources, and utilize the resources of its corporation to advance the goals of the business. This is good for everyone.

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