Will CTV Advertising Continue Its Reign in 2022?

Will CTV Advertising Continue Its Reign in 2022?

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Most of the digital ad industry buzz in Q1 and Q2 2021 centered around customer data and legitimate ways to obtain it upon the deprecation of third-party cookies. But the second half of the year was all ears on metaverse. 

Blame it on Facebook’s rebranding, or its rivals’ promises to release new AR devices in 2022, but the center of the audience’s attention has shifted to the capabilities of the next iteration of the internet — and people’s activities in it, respectively.

Meanwhile, the heated discussions around CTV have turned into somewhat routine talks among experts, most of whom were finally ready to admit that many of the measurement and attribution challenges in the niche were yet to be resolved. 

Does this mean the reign of CTV in digital video advertising is over? Or are CTV ad businesses just keeping things quiet, while…

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