Elon Musk-graded exam sells for $ 7,753

Elon Musk-graded exam sells for $ 7,753
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Before being a billionaire businessman, Elon Musk studied and worked as a professor’s assistant at the University of Pennsylvania. Part of her job was to help grade assignments that were turned in during the semester. Recently, one of the essays that Musk rated with comments was auctioned, the final buyer paid $ 7,753 (approximately 161,894 Mexican pesos) for the work.

Elon Musk-graded exam sells for $ 7,753Getty Images

Brian Thompson, the author of the essay that was sold, was studying at the same time as Musk. According to Thompson’s account, he does not remember meeting the founder of Tesla at that time or having him as an assistant to his teacher. He says that he found his work by chance, he had saved it for the respect and affection…

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