Does your job make you sick?

Does your job make you sick?
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You work all day from a desk, that can’t be dangerous, right? According to data from OCC Mundial , even office work can cause serious health problems.

Does your job make you sick?

According to the online job bank survey, 30% of Mexican professionals consider that their work affects their physical or mental health. The survey revealed that seven out of 10 people say their health is or has been at risk due to their employment.

Most of the problems listed by the study are not related to hazardous work or outdoors. Rather, they are directly linked to the hours spent in a single position per hour.

The most commonly reported conditions were:

Purely physical

  • Headache – 36%
  • Back pain – 31%
  • Vision problems – 24%
  • Respiratory problems, asthma…

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