A Time Management Hack to Beat Pandemic Blues

A Time Management Hack to Beat Pandemic Blues

The Time/Work paradigm is broken. The Pandemic turned time management into a whole new ball game. Without insight and courage, time is a foe.

A Time Management Hack to Beat Pandemic BluesCalendar – Calendar

Time marches on — do you?

 Many of the time-management techniques that have been used for decades are not going to work in this setting. We need a way to prioritize and triage, not to categorize and identify every to-do.

Instead of worrying about each item on your to-do lists, I encourage you to ask yourself this simple question: “What three activities must I complete today to make this day feel successful?”

These items are very different from your to-do lists. A standard to-do listing is a comprehensive list of all activities we should complete. It is impossible to finish 30-50 tasks in one workday. The more you add to your to-do list, the more overwhelmed and frazzled you…

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