4 Conversational Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Learn

4 Conversational Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Learn

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I’ve seen it a hundred times. In coffee shops, by the water cooler and in networking events everywhere. An eager young entrepreneur attempts to impress a potential client with a lengthy monologue about their exotic experience. “I just can’t say enough good things about Bali,” they say, flipping out their phone and scrolling through an endless barrage of images. 

I get what they’re doing: They’re trying to foster connection. And what better way to build rapport than by making yourself appear more interesting and offering up a bevy of videos of your exciting escapade?

But here’s what’s actually happening as you enthusiastically harp on about your latest trip: People’s eyes are glossing over — you’re losing them. 

The reason this happens, according to researcher Gus Cooney, a social psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, is due to something called the “novelty penalty.” The…

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