3 Ways to Create an Environment That’ll Nurture an Entrepreneur

3 Ways to Create an Environment That'll Nurture an Entrepreneur

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As internet resources make becoming our own boss easier, society is witnessing an incredible shift: Entrepreneurship is becoming more viable for more people in more forms. Whether as freelancers or small-business owners, more than ever, people want a stake in their work. As a result, the self-starter skills we see in entrepreneurs are more essential than ever.

You do not have to be born with the skills to raise capital or sell a product. You are completely capable of learning everything you need to know to be successful in any industry. It starts with putting in the hours, sharpening critical thinking skills and learning how to lead teams.

Here are three ways to create an environment that’ll nurture the future entrepreneur.

1. Create a diverse circle of friends

Bring new experiences to yourself — if you hang out with five smart people, you’ll be the sixth….

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