3 Can’t-Miss Health Care Stocks for 2022

3 Can't-Miss Health Care Stocks for 2022

There’s a long list of reasons to consider health care stocks, and they don’t all relate to the coronavirus vaccine, as you might assume.

3 Can't-Miss Health Care Stocks for 2022 Depositphotos.com contributor/Depositphotos.com – MarketBeat

Why invest in health care stocks? Easy. 

According to the Commonwealth Fund, the U.S. spends more on health care as a share of the economy than any other country — nearly twice as much as the average OECD country. Americans use expensive technologies such as MRIs and specialized procedures (like hip replacements) more than other countries. The Commonwealth Fund also states that the U.S. has one of the highest rates of breast cancer screening among women ages 50 to 69 and the second-highest rate of flu vaccinations among people aged 65 and older.

When you start scanning health care stocks, some common themes emerge: strong balance sheets and cash for mergers and acquisitions, not to mention…

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