2 Best Stocks of All Time!

2 Best Stocks of All Time!

I have been investing for 40 years. But without a doubt my 2 best trades of all times are buying Amazon (AMZN) and Booking (BKNG) back in 2001 for phenomenal gains to date. Let’s discuss what those investments had in common and how that will help us find more big winners in the years ahead. Read on.

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Today I want to go back in the time machine all the way to 2001 when I purchased the two best stocks of my investing career.

No…my intention is not to brag. Rather, I want to focus on what went right with these investments in the hopes of helping us all find more big winners in the future.

And the 2 Stocks Are…

Amazon bought @ $8.58 for a gain to date of 39,830%.

Priceline (now Booking Holdings) bought @ $14.62 and now up 16,336%.

It looks so…

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