Yes, Senator, “Enough is Enough” – But Not How You Think

Yes, Senator, “Enough is Enough” – But Not How You Think

Foremost among the politicians who believe that there are votes to be garnered by having the federal government do something to alleviate the burdens of college loan debt is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Her political stance is resolutely “progressive,” which is to say, she favors federal control over nearly all aspects of life in this country because freedom is unfair and unscientific.

A recent piece published on Inside Higher Ed focused on her ideas for “fixing” what she regards as a terrible student debt problem.

What is bothering the Senator?

She says, “Through the decades, the cost of higher ed has increasingly been shifted away from taxpayers and on to families. Families that can afford to send their kid to college—and that kid graduates debt-free—have moved their next generation forward faster and further than families that don’t have…

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