Seth Rogen’s Car

Seth Rogen’s Car

Over the last few days I have learned more about Seth Rogen, the 39-year-old actor, comedian, writer, and producer than I care to know. I learned that the stoner and owner of a cannabis company got really high with his wife before an Adele concert in Los Angeles. I heard that his new show on HBO Max, Santa, Inc., is really bad — so bad in fact that Rogen is heaping some of the blame for its negative reviews on the “tens of thousands of white supremacists” he allegedly “pissed off” with his foul-mouthed Christmas cartoon. I also learned that he doesn’t personally view his car as an extension of himself. And it’s that last bit of unwanted Rogen trivia that I think is worth talking about. 

The controversy started when Rogen, the Hollywood mogul, took…

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