Chinese Regulators Publishes Guidelines for Development of ChatGPT-Like AI Products

Just like blockchain technology, the emergence of AI is relatively new and the laws governing such innovations are notably limited.

Chinese regulators, particularly the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) have floated a new set of guidelines that will oversee the development of ChatGPT-like Artificial Intelligence (AI) products from its homegrown companies. As reported by CNBC, the new guidelines will seek to promote the tenets of socialism across the board.

The growth of Large Language Models (LLMs), the technology underpinning AI-based applications like that of ChatGPT is growing across borders. At the moment, OpenAI, the United States-based startup behind the ChatGPT application is leading the artificial intelligence revolution, placing a steep demand on other companies to play catch-up.

Having realized the success of the ChatGPT since its launch, more companies in China have started researching the technology. Thus far, internet giant Baidu Inc has launched its conversational-style AI application dubbed Ernie Bot. The testing for the product was carried out a few weeks ago with many expectations crushed.

There is a very high tendency that chatbots like ChatGPT will return incorrect responses and this comes off as one of the major things the CAC wants to guard against. According to the new set of guidelines released, any AI product that is introduced for use on Chinese shores must not be politically insensitive.

Additionally, the guidelines recommend that the responses should not only be as accurate as possible but must not in any way subvert State powers. Also, the regulator noted that the responses that must be given by any AI product must not profile individuals based on race, gender, and ethnicity amongst other things.

The focus of the Chinese regulators is to maintain a responsible AI development atmosphere at a time when most countries are beginning to turn their backs on ChatGPT. Italy for instance has banned the use of the conversational chatbot for a reason it gave as privacy concerns.

Chinese Regulators May Set Pace for AI Regulation

It is becoming a trend that Chinese regulators will get ahead of most technology to create a guiding rule that can encourage sustainable and responsible embrace. Just like blockchain technology, the emergence of AI is relatively new and the laws governing such innovations are notably limited.

The move by the Chinese regulators to provide sound AI guidelines, though tough to adhere to, will ensure that products align with sound values from all innovators. Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd (HKG: 9988) also launched the test version of its AI application dubbed Tongyi Qianwen billed to be rolled out for Chinese users only.

The rules from the CAC will level out the competition among different tech companies currently developing their own ChatGPT-like AI product. The rules are designed to be adhered to in tandem with other existing regulations governing the tech space in the Asian country.

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