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Airline Ticket Package Deals

Before you agree to buy any airline tickets, it never hurts to look around and see if there are any package deals that would be a good bargain.

A package deal is when you not only get your airline tickets but maybe you get a free hotel room for a day or discounts to local attractions.

Airline tickets can be pretty expensive if you aren’t familiar with how airlines price those tickets and why. There are all kinds of ways you can save money when the time comes to buy your airline tickets. You could book them far in advance, choose crappy seats, or subject yourself to many hours worth of layovers at various airports.

Since you are going there anyway, it never hurts to have some options in the way of entertainment or lodging. Package deals are most commonly associated with vacations and can include anything from coupons to VIP passes.

Airline Tickets come in all shapes and sizes and can be influenced by many things.

Flying coach is also a great way to save money. You don’t really need to be in business class do you?

Take both of these and agree to sit a couple hours at each airport between transfers and you can cut the price of your airline tickets in half.

Las Vegas builds amazing hotels and rides all the time and one way to promote a new hotel or an attraction is to include it in some kind of package deal.

Booking far in advance is always a good way to save money and also guarantees your spot on that flight. If you hold out for cheaper tickets for too long, you might not be able to get on plane and be forced to loiter at the airport until another flight has an empty seat.

If you were going to fly there and stay at the MGM Grand at regular price but the Luxor will give you a free Hoover Dam tour included in a package deal, many people will opt for the Luxor.

Sure not every option is appealing but once you get where you are going, you’ll be glad it was so cheap to get there.

Another type of Airline Ticket Package Deals can happen if you are buying many tickets at once. You might be in charge of this for a business or just have a very large family but often you can get a group package deal.

Airlines like groups because they spend money in the airport and in the plane and if they have a good experience, they will likely tell someone about it. This all leads to greater revenue in the long run even if the airline loses a little profit at first.

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Sightseeing Holiday Ticket Gets You Around KL Conveniently And Cheaply

Kuala Lumpur sightseeing just got easier with the recent introduction of the KL Monorail KL Hop-On Hop-Off One Day Unlimited Ride package. Although its quite a mouthful to say, the Malaysia vacation promotion makes it comfortable for tourists to access the many major tourist spots in Kuala Lumpur within one day.

For just RM20 per person (adult or child), pass-holders can enjoy unlimited travel around Kuala Lumpur in any single day on two modes of transportation – the KL Hop-On Hop-Off (KL HOHO) bus and the KL Monorail train. With the ticket, tourists can hop on and off the bus and monorail as and when they wish.

The KL HOHO bus follows a pre-determined Kuala Lumpur sightseeing route that covers 70 tourist attractions and 22 designated stops including several at KL Monorail stations. On board are pre-recorded commentaries of tourist attractions in eight different languages, i.e. Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, French and Spanish.

Traveling on the Kuala Lumpur sightseeing double-decker KL HOHO bus, passengers can view the best of Kuala Lumpur with its semi-glass roof. Its route covers numerous attractions including the iconic PETRONAS Twin Towers, the Golden Triangle shopping district where Pavilion and Starhill malls are located, the green belt at Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens and the historic district near Merdeka Square.

Meanwhile, there are 11 KL Monorail stations situated in high-traffic areas around the city, connecting passengers to shopping districts, major hotels, commercial centres, tourist attractions and stretches of chic dining and clubbing establishments.

Traveling on these elevated rail systems is a Kuala Lumpur sightseeing experience in itself as it offers a birds eye view of the city below, and a stop at any one of the stations will give tourists a further peek into the typical urban lifestyle of KL-ites.

The KL Sentral stop, for instance, is located near Brickfields, an area thriving with the business and social activities of the mostly-Indian community there. A walk around the area is an unforgettable sensorial experience filled with colourful sights, aromas of curries and burning incense, and the sounds of the lilting Tamil widely spoken there.

The Maharajalela interchange, on the other hand, is the gateway to Kuala Lumpurs self-proclaimed Chinatown where vendors will appeal to you with all manner of fruits, shoes, clothes, bags, herbal remedies and more! More than just a marketplace of sorts, Chinatown embodies Kuala Lumpurs exciting and fast-paced lifestyle.

In addition to Kuala Lumpur sightseeing, pass-holders can enjoy great discounts on entrance tickets to Petronsains, the KL Bird Park, and Aquaria, as well as on food and beverages at Seri Melayu restaurant.

Tickets can be purchased at the Bukit Bintang and KL Sentral monorail counters and aboard all KL HOHO buses. The ticket entitles holders to unlimited rides in a single day on the KL Monorail and KL HOHO buses. The promotion ends on 31 May 2009. KL HOHO buses operate from 8:30 am till 8:30 pm at half-hourly intervals, while the KL Monorail has daily services from 6 am until 12 am.

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