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Getting To Grips With Illustrator

People new to Illustrator CS4 often say that they find the program complex and hard work. When we hold Illustrator CS4 Classes in London, we acknowledge the need to help delegates get rid of the belief that Illustrator is a difficult piece of software to use. We have found that there are three main aspects to showing users that Illustrator is no harder or more annoying than any other application.

To start with, we show them how to read and understand the extensive visual clues provided by the software as you perform various operations. Next, we keep reminding new users how easy it is to revert your drawing back to the way it was before things started going wrong. And, finally, we keep telling our students that they have to highlight the right tool to be able to perform a give operation.

If you a new user to a sophisticated program like Illustrator, you cannot be expected to avoid making errors: things may go a little awry or even get completely screwed up. The key thing here is to learn the power of the Undo command. For example, if you accidentally resize an object dont try to manually change it back to the original size, simply go to the Edit menu and choose Undo or use the keyboard shortcut (Control-Z or Command-Z on Apple Mac). If you Undo too many times, you can always use Edit – Redo to move forward again. (The shortcut for the Redo command is Control-Shift-Z.)

If your whole drawing has gone seriously wrong, perhaps the easiest thing to do is to take it on the chin and choose the Revert command from the File menu. This is like saying OK, I give up. This isnt working! File – Revert will discard every change you have made to the file since the last time you saved it and can be a very useful way of avoiding unnecessary frustration.

Another thing that phases new Illustrator users is when they find they are unable to carry out a certain operation because it cant actually be done under the current set of circumstances or at that moment in time. For example, they might want to resize a shape and they end up rotating it or changing its position instead.

A simple way of avoiding this kind of problem is to keep an eye on the many visual clues that Illustrator gives you and, in particular, those that relate to the cursor. Lets take an example. Say you are attempting to change the size of a circle, you can only carry out this operation if your cursor has changed to a diagonal line with an arrow at both ends thus showing you that have positioned the cursor precisely over one of the resize handles.

When manipulating objects, Illustrator newbies will often forget to first highlight the Selection tool. For example, they will draw a shape with, say, the Line tool and then, while the Line tool is still highlighted, they will attempt to move or resize the line they have just drawn or perhaps click on the page to deselect the line. They are then bemused and cross when little lines keep appearing on the page or Illustrators shape dimension window keeps on popping up.

This problem is easy to avoid. Always make sure that you are on the right tool. Thus, if you wish to manipulate an existing object, you have to ensure that the Selection tool is highlighted. One of the first keyboard shortcuts that we teach delegates who attend our Illustrator training courses is that you can temporarily activate the Selection tool by just pressing the Control key (or the Command key if you are using a Mac).

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Excel Function And Formula Essentials

As you probably know, to create a formula in MS Excel 2007, you begin by typing an equal sign: this distinguishes it from other types of data. A formula consists of a series of expressions. There are three key components in these expressions: arithmetic operations, such as add and subtract; functions; and cell references.

To create a formula which gives us the total of two of the numbers in a spreadsheet (say 24 and 12), we could simply type =24 + 12. When we press the Enter key, we would get the correct result. However, the formula would have no link to the two cells containing the numbers. If the content of the cells were to change, the formula would still return the old result.

Obviously, what we need to do is to ensure that our formula contains a reference to the two cells in question. The easiest way of doing this is to click on the first cell having typed =. Excel then automatically creates a reference to that cell. Next type the + sign and click on the second cell.
Excel puts in a reference to the second cell and we then enter the formula either by clicking on the Enter button (on the left of the formula bar) or pressing Enter on the keyboard.

Now that our formula contains a reference to these two cells, any time the cell contents change, the result returned by formula will be updated.

If this was the only way of performing calculations in Excel, formulas would very quickly become extremely long and very complex. To avoid this, we can use Excels built-in functions. Functions perform complex mathematical calculations without us having to worry about how the result is arrived at.

For example, imagine that we wanted to total the contents of a hundred different cells. If we relied purely on the + sign, we would end up creating a formula with a hundred different arguments; in other words, a reference to each of the cells containing the numbers. Instead, we can use the SUM function.

To use a function in a formula, type = followed by the name of the function. Next type open brackets and enter the arguments of the function. The arguments of the function are the values required by that function in order to return a result. In the case of the SUM function, we simply need to specify which cells contain the numbers we want to total. We can do this by clicking or dragging across the cells that contain those numbers.

You can repeat this process to add several different ranges as the argument of the SUM function; simply drag across the first area and Excel will pick up the reference; drag across the second range to pick up the second reference; and so on.

When you have finished entering references to all the cells containing numbers that we want to total, you can enter the formula. You dont even need to put in the closing brackets. Excel will do this for you.

If you now wish to have the average, minimum, and maximum values contained within those same cells you can simply copy the formula from the formula bar.

To do this, select the formula right clicking on the selection and choose Copy from the context menu. Next, click on the Cancel button (or press the Escape key on your keyboard) to exit editing mode. To create a formula containing the average function double click on the appropriate cell, right click on the formula bar and choose Paste from the context menu. The only change you will need to make is to change the Sum function AVERAGE, MAX or MIN, as appropriate.

Case is ignored when you type in the name of a function. As soon as you press Enter, the name of the function will be changed to upper case automatically.

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How To Buy PC Needs Online

How to Sell Computer Needs Online

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Computer would be meaningless minus its accessories. So whenever you are buying the computer you will have to pay great attention to its accessories. Nowadays you can quite easily get your hands on every single thing by just a simple click at the internet shopping places.

Similarly anyone can place the orders for the computer parts at the online channels. But you will have to keep in mind some relevant points before you are buying those.

What are the things you need to think about?

First you will have to do some searching. This is a point that must be taken quite seriously. Study various options that are available from the internet. Almost all the companies who are engaged in the production of the computer accessories have their official websites where they give you the detailed information about their product specifications. Now it is your task to properly investigate and read every possible detail. You must compare the prices and specifications of several such products.

All these are requiring when you are thinking of upgrading the machine to some higher version. Or else those who wish to build a complete new system can also get the products from the internet. But this is important that you will have to be specific about the things that you are buying. When the case is that you are deciding on the new system you will first have to think what is the purpose of the computer.

Then accordingly you can set the requirements configurationally. When you are buying the system online you can wish for disassembled configuration or else you can order the complete assembled computer system. But you must see the guarantee terms and conditions that they will be offering. Also you will have to see that whether they give good customer care service. Just send in an email seeking advice from them mentioning your requirements. The kind of response that they are giving or the timing of their response can also determine their kind of relation that they are interested in keeping with their consumers.
Decide whether it will be worth the investment

Obviously pricing is a very important factor over here. There are all kinds of products that are available within different price range. You will have to decide your budget criterion and choose accordingly.

When anyone is purchasing the system there is some amount of investment that they are making. Suppose you are going for laptops. You will have to see the longevity of the battery along with the supply of the charger with it. Not all high priced items are worth the charges. Remember all that glitters is not gold; so instead of outward show you must choose the usefulness and not that all the branded products are very laudable. Among the accessories the music system, cable connections for the different devices, modems all these things do matter. You must think more than once and seek advice from other before you decide on any particular item.

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Pc Optimizer 2009

Optimize the speed of your computer and repair all errors instantly!

The moment you switch your pc on you are stuck to the seat with your eyes glued to the screen waiting for your computer to load, eventually your computer does, you think yes now I can check the mail WRONG, just as you click the icon your computer spits out an error message and freezes. You don’t know much about computers so what do you do.

Here are a couple of scenarios:

You phone your local computer engineer specialist, he cant fix it because he does not know anything about the registry but he still wants paid $80 for his two hours messing with stuff in your computer.

You phone your friend because he says he knows a lot about computers and always brags about how he knows more than what any computer person does. He says he is too busy and will fix it another day because he is fixing another computer, yeah right.

At this point you are desperate for a solution, you go to your local library and use a computer there, you go onto Google and half an hour later you read the reviews, you read the comment, you read the features and finally you read the price. You decide to buy the software and 5 minutes after your computer is up and running again flawlessly and the next time you start your computer it loads faster than what it did than when you first bought it.

What Is RegCure?
RegCure scan your computers registry for everything and anything really and once it is finished scanning it cleans the registry which in turn optimizes the speed and performance of your computer.

How do I Know If My Computer Needs RegCure?
If your computer is new chances are you won’t need to use RegCure just yet but as a computer gets older the registry gets more and more mixed up and that’s where errors start appearing which start off small but could lead to fatal system crashes and a loss of data.

Here are a few features of RegCure:

Automatic Repair
RegCure offers you the ability to perform an automatic repair of detected items after a scan. You can configure the settings so that a repair of detected items occurs after each scan.

Backup and Restore
An automatic backup is created every time you use RegCure. You can restore any items any time for peace of mind.

Startup Management
RegCure offers quick and easy access to all the programs that are launched when you start your computer. You can enable and disable applications in the Manage Startup list with a few simple clicks.

Visit– RegCure  Go to this website and scroll down to click order now.

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Shopping For A Computer – Things To Consider

Buying a Computer is the first step that anyone must take to join the Computer and Internet Revolution. Buying a computer is like buying a car, approach it the same way see it as a big investment because buying a computer is a relatively infrequent process for most people. However, purchasing the accessories that go along with them happens more often than most of us would like so it needs to be taken into consideration when researching the available products.

Computers can do much more than you think and will be a significant part of everyones future. Computers vary in price according to how powerful and functionality and have become an integral part of our everyday lives, from basic typing to shopping on the internet. Computers are here to stay so everyone should consider learning how to perform their own pc upgrades and minor repairs.

Computers are like cars: faster is not automatically better, they are complex systems and looking at one feature while ignoring the rest is not an intelligent way to buy a car or computer. Computers should be cleaned and checked every two to three months and computers are getting cheaper all the time. They dont break down very often, but they do have frequent small problems and computers offer more than just being a business aid these days.

But what a lot of people dont realize when they start looking into buying a computer is that its common for a lot of the big brand companies to sell very out-of-date computers in their lower price ranges. Im not kidding about this — most of the big computer companies out there, when they sell their least expensive computers, are trying to unload old inventory thats been collecting dust on their shelves for a long time. And the more disturbing part of this is that from what Ive heard, those computers often have parts in them that are *known* to be bad parts.

Now youd think these bad parts would be thrown away, but no — from what Ive heard, what happens is they still sell them to the big computer companies at a discount, and those companies put them into their computers anyway.

Shopping For a Computer – Things to Consider

So if you can find a reputable local company that sells computers they assemble themselves, youll get a well built computer for a lot less because youre not paying for the brand name. So do your research well. It wouldnt hurt to do a people search (that will find people throughout the U.S.) on the the owner of the company to make sure theyve got a good business background.

Buying a computer is a big deal for a lot of people, and understandably so and it is a very personal decision, and it is no longer like buying a tool, but rather an emotional purchase of a beautiful piece of furniture, adding character to the space surrounding it.

Buying a computer is not always at the top of your shopping list, especially with the current jump in food and gas prices and it is always an exercise in compromise.

All the above can be summarized by saying buying a computer is like buying a car or a home, give it the same respect and research and you will not go far wrong.

58 yr old mother of 6 with 17 grandchildren, I started researching Internet Marketing about 4 yrs ago and took the plunge a year ago as part of a co-operative this has been an amazing year for us and we have not looked back.

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Free Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

1) Comment on Blogs
Look for large traffic Blogs in your niche, visit them and leave your comments on their blogs posts. You may use blog search engine like, and to find blogs in your niche.

2) Submit Articles
Write articles that are related to your blog and submit them to popular article directories such as,,, and Quality articles may drive you a lot of free targeted traffic.

3) Participate in Community Forums
Use google to search for forums that are related to your blog. Look for forums that has over 10,000 members and read the rules of the forums to see whether you can promote your blogs and websites in your signature. Join forums that allow you to add a link to your blog in the signature and start participating in discussion. You can ask questions, answer other members questions and post your articles, ideas and thought in the forums.

4) Submit Your Blog to Directories
This isn’t working to me but some bloggers claim that they gain a good amount of traffic from their listings in directories.

5) Post Often
You can lose traffic if you seldom update you blog, try to make it at least 5 posts per week. This not only will maintain your traffic but possibly attract more readers.

6) Write about Blogging
Write helpful and quality articles related to blogging can attract other bloggers link to your articles and gain may be truckload of free traffic.

7) Post Breaking News
If your found a breaking news of your niche very earlier, post it to your blog. It may give your blog’s traffic a boost.

8) Social Bookmarking
Bookmark you blog posts in the large social bookmarking sites like,, Simply and

9) Run a Contest
Start a contest on your blog. Think about the prizes that people really want. It will create a viral effect and bring in new visitors.

10) On-page Optimization
Make sure your blog’s title tag and description tag contain your targeted keywords. When you have posted plenty of quality blog post and done a lot of blog promotion, don’t be surprise to see your blog ranks top 10 in Google and get free search engine traffic daily.