Cooperatives crying out for disruption

Cooperatives crying out for disruption


Cooperatives crying out for disruption

Thursday December 09 2021 coop

Milk processing at a factory. FILE PHOTO | NMG

bitangendemo-ima By BITANGE NDEMO
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  • The cooperative movement originated in Europe, mainly in Britain and France, in the 19th Century.
  • The agricultural cooperatives quickly became the cornerstones for economic transformation.
  • The introduction of compulsory membership in the 1970s and 1980s and advances in food technology in developed nations led to the decline in agricultural output in Africa.

As a young person growing up in a rural community in Kenya, cooperatives reframed many lives in every household. The movement was a strong, vibrant economic driver. Its decisions impacted profitability and the welfare of the members they served.

At that time, it was an effective way for people to control their economic livelihoods as they had a say in who managed it…

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