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Make more money with GDI

Do you believe that $1 can become $1,000,000?

If you don’t, you need to learn about the power of “leverage.” Leverage power can make your income grows in an exponential (as opposed to linear) way. A business that meets the five criteria of a good business is surely has the leverage power.

If you google you’ll find hundreds of opportunities that offer ways to make money online. Many of them apply the leveraging principles, many don’t. I myself had been in search for such opportunities for months while spending thousands of Dollars.

Finally I could formulate criteria for a good business as follows:

  1. It must have bearable costs, not only to me but to my would be members. I know that there are so many people who want to make money online, but they simply don’t have enough money to run expensive money making programs.
  2. It must be technically simple and easy to duplicate. The mass don’t have technical knowhow about internet marketing… the majority are newbies. I know that many people want to start a business, but they don’t know how to start. A good business program should be made available to those kinds of people.
  3. It must have a leverage system that makes it possible for our income to grow exponentially: 52=25 is exponential, but 5+5=10 is linear. Everyone will certainly opt for the exponential income growth.
  4. It must enable people to earn passive/residual income. As Robert Kiyosaki says, passive income is the income that you earn even though you don’t work for any reasons.
  5. It must have strong possibility to last long or even for life. This will ensure that all the efforts and energy you dedicate to the business are really worth it. It will secure our post-job period (after we retire).

OK. You may have your own criteria… Indeed I can add more criteria to the five mentioned above. But I think the five a the very basic and the most important ones.

There is one program in the planet that meets the five conditions. And that is the Global Domains International (GDI). A company set up by Mike and Allan in early 1990s. Here is how it meets the conditions:

  1. Bearable cost: $10 per month for a package of domain name-hosting-custom email is really cheap. Plus, you can have url forwarding, email forwarding, and more cheap services.
  2. Simplicity and duplicability:
    – You sign-up for free,
    – You get your replicated website,
    – You buy (register) a domain name and use it for your replicated website address.
    – You put email address of your friends and GDI sends it autmatically.
    – You tell your friends offline and the message will spread as a virus.
    – GDI has prepared banners and DVDs to use for promoting your website. Your task is just to
    spread the words about GDI… no complicated process and knowledge.
  3. Leverage system and exponential growth of income: The leverage system is the multi-tier membership system that grows up to level 5. Your task is to grow level 1 and help your dowlines (members) to build their level 1. If you refer 5 people to level one and each of them refer 5 member, you have 25 people in level 2 or 30 people in total. There is 5×5 increase in level 2… that’s exponential growth. The 25 members will refer 125 new members, 625 members and 3125 members. That’s a total of over $3,900 in monthly commissions for referring 5 people. Do you think it’s hard to achieve? NO!! Your job is to refer 5 people only.
  4. My explanation in no. 3 makes it clear that criteria #4 is in no way cannot be achieved. When your business gets a momentum it will be unstopable and you’ll earn ever increasing residual income for life.
  5. GDI is rank #37 among the top 500 fastest growing companies in USA, and hundreds of thousand people from 187 countries are using its services, including many corporate giants (BMW, Ebay, AT&T, Kodak, etc)

So what make you doubt about the opportunity? All right… I don’t want you to trust me now. But in case later you find it really great, here are some tips on how to start your GDI business.

  • Click on GDI website here to see the video presentation. There are two videos. The one the index page is a full video and a bit long. If you’re a busy person, you can get your personalized short video (7 minutes) by submitting your name and email in the form on the right to the index page video.
  • After you understand the information, sign-up for free. You’ll get your unique replicated website address.
  • Buy or register a domain name. I recommend that you use .ws for your domain extension because .ws is growing now.
  • Use the domain name for your replicated URL address. This is optional, but you may want to do so because using your own domain name is useful for branding yourself. If you don’t use your domain for the replicated site, feel free to use for other purposes. I suggest you to make a blog to promote your business.
  • Start telling your friends, colleagues, family and relatives. The most important thing to do is inviting by email by putting their names and email addresses in the form available in your GDI member’s room, category “Affiliate”, sub-category “Invite.” GDI will send emails (including follow-up messages) to them. You’ll soon get 5 members.

The good news is that you can take a free trial membership for 7 days. If you unscribe within the 7 days you will not be charged a single penny. If you continue after 7 days you will work in close collaboration with me.

What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” (Napoleon Hill)

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