Things You May Not Recognize When Shopping for Golf Footwear

To begin with, if you do not participate in golf on a normal basis, or even when you do, will you actually need to purchase golf footwear?  The answer is: definitely yes.  Like nearly every sport, the feet act as the base for all we do, and the shoes will be part of that foundation.  It really isn’t a issue of fashion, but how it aids us in the manner we participate in the game.   As golfers we place a lot of strain on our feet, as a result your golf shoes must not only support our foot but also avert slipping in the course of the golf swing.

When purchasing a golf shoe, even before allowing for how comfortable they feel is the assistance it will offer for your foot.  NBA basketball players break out brand new shoes every second game, because the pressure they place on them will cause them to start to break down.  And the owners don’t need a weakened shoe to produce an ankle problem to their high-priced talent.

Likewise, golf shoes break down.  Consequently when we make the purchase we need to understand how well they’ll assist our foot during the turning motion of the swing.  Many golfers suffer from a common foot problem known as neuroma.  It is essentially a pinched nerve at the bottom of the foot, and it is brought on by the weight transfer which repeatedly takes place when we turn and follow-through during the golf swing.  It is the job of the shoe to maintain the foot during the swing.

To check to be certain you get adequate support from your brand new shoes, test them out.  Take the heel with one hand along with the toe of the shoe in your other.  Now twist in reverse directions to check for solidity.  A good shoe will give just a small amount.  If it is exceedingly supple it won’t assist your foot appropriately.

Next, try on the shoe for comfort.  A great deal of it will depend with the material that the shoe is constructed from, going with the low end synthetic leather to calfskin leather within the high side.  You will find different grades of leather in between, and the quality will be a decisive issue in the cost for the shoe.  Waterproofing will also factor in, and usually the higher quality footwear are going to keep your feet the driest.  The label “water resistant” basically means there is no waterproof warranty whatsoever.

Lastly, we will look at the spikes in the footwear.  Metal spikes are virtually a thing of the past, and if you have them there aren’t many golf courses which will let you on their course using them.  Plastics spikes are in, and the good thing is they do not tear up the ground.  The difficult thing is they do not provide as much grip.  But you have to have spikes, as without them it’s like automobile tires without tread: You will get some slippage if it’s dry and could fall and injure yourself if it’s damp.  Just keep in mind that plastic spikes are going to wear down faster than the old metal variety, and it is imperative that you replace them more frequently. For more information on golf, please check out our websites and