The Main Reasons People Seek A Voice Coach

It is not easy to become a successful singer. I am talking about a really, truly successful one that pays all of their bills off their income from singing. That’s why plenty of vocalists take up teaching. If you yourself are a recent graduate of a performing arts school and going to take the teaching path to pay the bills, here are some main issues you can anticipate students to come to you with.


Vocal Vibrato

Blues and jazz singers are particularly popular for singing vocal vibrato. It’s that sexy, alluring shaky sound we like so much in their music. The reality is not everyone can pull this off. Gender, age and also race affect one’s vocal chords and their ability to achieve this. However, you’re going to get a great deal of students approaching you asking to learn this. So, just tell them in advance that they might have disadvantages working against them, and may need to work harder than others. Don’t permit them to lose patience. Any singer can pull it off eventually.


Singing high notes

This can be quite difficult. Someone could have a beautiful and highly pleasant voice when singing reachable keys, but singing high notes is something else. Because you have lots of people auditioning for reality shows like American Idol and the like, a lot of them have to be able to hit these notes. Although some artists who cannot hit high notes have gotten big just because their voice was so unique and pleasing within the range they were able to sing, when going onto these big shows, you need to be able to do it all.


Stage fright

Maybe you have very accomplished singers come to you who simply want to learn how to get their stage fright in check. Phenomenal singers who should be out there performing sometimes never hit the stage because of their stage fright. Study up on methods to handle stage fright prior to starting teaching because, even if it’s not your specialty, you’re going to be asked about it. Something you most likely already know about is breathing exercises for singing. Believe it or not, aside from helping improve the quality of one’s voice, it can be very relaxing.


Caring for one’s voice

You’ll also get students that have undergone injuries, illnesses or just incidents which have harmed their voice. They’re going to ask you about methods to take care of their voice, maintain its quality and strengthen their vocal chords to enable them to perform their whole lives. So, this is something else you’ll need to study up on before teaching.