Swarovski Rifle Scopes – Part 1

Selecting a Swarovski rifle scope only means tapering down the very best of the very best. The moment you have decided to invest in your Swarovski scopes, you can easily rest assured that whichever one you select, you will be satisfied with your decision. Nevertheless, there are similarities and differences to consider when deciding on your scope. Listed below we will spell out the various scopes offered by Swarovski.

The Swarovski Z3 Rifle Scopes Line:

The Swarovski Z3 incorporates the field tried quality people have come to assume from Swarovski, with an all new shapely design. The scope provides a 3x zoom, in a compact, 1-inch body. The slimmer construction of this scope allows it to be positioned nearer to the barrel, making it an optimal scope for all rifles. The improved lens coating of the Z3 enables for maximum light in even the toughest conditions. The anodized surface is scrape proof and the riflescope is entirely water-proof. The Swarovski Z3 Rifle Scope is one of the very best compact hunting scopes offered on the market today. The z3 comes in three sizes and a variety of reticles.

The Z3 scopes cost in between $ 749 and $ 1,049, making them the most economical of the Swarovski rifle scope choices. The scope comes in 3-9×36, 3-10×42, and 4-12×50 models. The Z3 4-12×50 additionally is available in a Ballistic Turret (BT) design, which may be improved with an Outdoorsmans Custom Ballistic Turret (click to learn more).

The Z5 Swarovski Rifle Scope Line:

The Swarovski Optik Z5 Rile Scope is a 1-inch scope with a 5x zoom. The scope’s sizable field of view along with high zoom makes an extremely accommodating scope and extremely ideal for several kinds of hunting. The Z5 is an impressive concept in the field of high performance hunting scopes considering it provides extraordinary optical efficiency inside an incredibly thin design. The new design of the Swarovski Z5 rifle scope performs at a standard seldom accomplished by a scope in it’s class. The scope is definitely tailored to hold up in any and all circumstances and an ideal possibility for a high-performance hunting scope.

The Z5 scopes are available for $ 1,429 to $ 1,699 and can be found in 3.5-18×44 and 5-25×52 models. Both of these scopes are available in a Ballistic Turret model.

In the next article we will discuss the large assortment of scopes offered in the Z6 Swarovski Rifle Scope line. As with the Z3 and Z5 lines, the Z6 scopes offer regular and BT models, but in a substantial wider assortment. The Z6i line offers illuminated reticles, that have shown to be some of the highest quality illuminated reticle rifle scopes in the industry.