The 2 Toughest Parts Of Being A Teacher

Teaching is a very noble profession. And, despite the fact that there isn’t much pay in it, you’ve still got a good amount of honorable people going into it. But, teaching may also be one of the most challenging jobs out there. Here’s how to handle two of the biggest issues when teaching.


Students that just don’t care

You’ll have students that you just can’t seem to inspire. Even sending them to the principal’s office or putting them on timeout won’t get a spark out of them. They don’t respond to you. They don’t do their homework. They sleep at their desk. They just can’t seem to see a reason to pay attention to you. The best way to handle this is to study up on who these kids look up to. Tune in to their conversations at recess, or maybe even get a conversation going in class about what celebrities they like and why. If a certain name is frequently being said, study up on that celebrity and pick and choose the facts you like about that celebrity. Perhaps they went to an ivy league college, or were phenomenal at science, or loved homework. Share this information with your kids! They need to realize that learning is cool and that taking responsibility for their own future may help them end up like their idol.



There is a fine line between scolding a student just enough to make them want to work harder, or to simply make them want to lose hope. I personally teach singing lessons to children and they struggle a great deal of confidence issues when it comes to performing in front of others. I work with preteens too so, you’ve got all the voice changing happening and vocal vibrato (what you call voice cracking!) and most kids just don’t like to perform. I’ve had to learn ways to first calm my students down, because if they have anxiety, they’re not listening. I have my students practice breathing exercises for singing, which are also relaxing before any activity. Then, when my student is calm, I start to remind them of their accomplishments. Perhaps I’ll remind them of how they couldn’t sing high notes when they first came to me, and now they’re among the best in the class at it! Just show them that they are able to overcome challenges, because they already have. And this requires paying special attention to every one of your students.