Summertime Heat Wave Fashion Tips For Males And Females

The United States has been blasted with heat wave after heat wave this year. Record breaking temperatures look good in the record books, but they don’t feel good for the average person. Not only this, but the recent storms have knocked out power for many people. This means that we don’t even have our fans and air conditioners to keep us cool.

I wrote this article to give you some summertime style tips to help you keep cool. I’ll go over tips for both men and women so that we can all enjoy the summer heat while looking great. Once you’re done reading this article, go ahead and visit your favorite best flash sales to find just what you need.

Heat Wave Fashion Approaches For Men

When it comes to fashion, guys typically have it easier than girls. A guy can take his shirt off and lounge around the house and yard wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. However, “no shoes, no shirt, no service” still applies once the guy leaves his house. Some items men can wear to beat the heat are tank top shirts, high cut shorts, and low cut socks with mesh shoes.

In fact, an even better way to beat the heat would be to lose the socks and shoes completely. Wear a nice leather sandal with straps around both the foot and ankle. This will give you the sole protection of a shoe without compromising air exposure to the top of the foot.

Men looking to wear something to the office should go with a nice summer suit made of linen, cotton, or worsted wool. Combine this suit with a thin shirt and you’ll be as cool as you can be.

Heat Wave Fashion Tips For Girls

Women can of course lounge around their homes and yards in a bikini, but they’ll have to put on a little bit more when they leave the house. A summer dress is usually the best way to go, but a pair of high cut shorts and a tank top are OK too. A summer dress will provide shade for your legs without cutting off air flow. This will keep you cool and sunburn free. Open toed shoes will also work great in this situation.

If you’re looking to go out on the town, where a pair of open toes heels with a nice dress. Just remember that the tighter the dress, the less airflow you will get. Women in tight dresses are sexy, but not if they are sweating profusely.

Basic Guidelines

The basic guidelines for both men and women are to where light fabrics that allow for maximum airflow and comfort. Materials like cotton will breath much better than materials like polyester. Big fashion blogs like womens shopping blog will typically recommend light colors as well. Light colors will help to reflect the heat rather than absorb it.

Thanks for reading this article on summer heat wave fashion tips for men and women. Please remember to stay safe this summer by wearing the appropriate clothes, staying out of the sun, and drinking lots of fluids. Remember, the heat can be just as dangerous as the cold.