Pro Ears Electronic Ear Protection Protect Your Hearing In Most Varieties Of Scenarios

If you’re a seasoned hunter, you’ve likely found out that hearing is both key to a successful hunt and should be guarded during gunfire.  Electronic ear protection is the answer to both those needs.  It can certainly  shield your hearing from gunfire’s loud noise along with improve your hearing in the field.

A number of the major passive ear protection items are manufactured by ProEars, click here to locate the proper form of protection for you personally isn’t tricky.  ProEars carries a wide range of models to choose from.

Pro Ears Ear protection: Advantage Stalker Plus

The Advantage Stalker Plus model both deadens the sound of rifle and shotgun blasts, shielding your hearing, but also will allow quieter noises through to help you hear what you should hear.  This means whispering to another hunter, ability to hear your prey, or keying on your dog is achievable with out removing your earmuffs.

Separate volume controls enable you to modify sound emphasis to help you even boost noises to make up for loss of hearing or other troubles you could have.  Pro Ears Hearing Protection’s Advantage Stalker Plus also have a five year extended warranty, so you know you’re getting quality.

Pro Ears Hearing protection: ProMag Gold

This particular unit is good in case you frequent the practice range or are frequently shooting in a closed environment.  Not created for range or field hunting, they are perfect for practice with clay pigeons, inside range work, and so on.  Noise levels below gunfire can still come through, which means your radio, CD player, and discussions can nevertheless be heard without need of high volume or screaming.  Great for the practice and range shooter, the ProMag Gold is the perfect selection for these kinds of uses

Pro Ear Electronic hearing protection: Predator 200

For individuals that need ideal noise amplification for specialised field craft when hunting, but additionally would like the protection and safety of passive hearing protection from gun noises, the Predator 200 is perfect.  They are comfortable, hassle-free, and extremely trustworthy.  


Regardless of the hearing gadget that’s perfect for your requirements, Pro Ears has it inside their full line of gadgets, together with prices that enable you to protect your ears along with wallet.  The Pro Ears name is recognized, highly regarded, and recognized to provide otpimum ear protection.