Give Marginalised Groups A Chance

Homosexuality has been legal for over forty years in the UK. However, in many countries such as Malawi, it is still illegal which often results in prejudice.

 Uganda is currently proposing a law which will impose the death penalty for people engaging in same sex acts.

In many developing societies people’s sexual rights are far from being realised – often due to being marginalised or belonging to a stigmatised group.

In direct contrast, the UK predominately enjoys a life free of gender and sexual inequality – allowing people to choose their partners and have access to healthcare as part of their basic human rights.

Interact Worldwide – the sexual health charity based in the UK actively working to address such issues.

Interact Worldwide are working tirelessly to improve the sexual and reproductive health of people who are not getting the right healthcare and access to information because of discrimination .

The charity’s aim is to educate groups of people at risk: adolescents, women, and sexual minorities for example, about their sexual rights.

The charity envisions a world where sexual equality and a right to associated health services are enjoyed by all.

Mainly operating throughout Asia and Africa – Interact is empowering people with the knowledge and access to resources to protect their basic human rights.

Working closely with local communities Interact are bringing choice, information and education to many people in a weak position throughout the world

Interact Worldwide have recognised that marginalised people are often the best advocates for their rights and therefore, with support, educate local people to become empowered voices to help others claim their rights.

Like many other charitable bodies – Interact Worldwide relies heavily on donations from our kind benefactors.

For more information about projects run by Interact Worldwide and to help support those in need, visit to find out more.