3 Great Strategies You Can Use To Appear Thinner

Eating healthy and exercising is a great way to get healthy and look thin. Of course doing these two things will not make you look thin today. The best way to make yourself look nice and slim today is to change the way you dress. I’ve found that there are many outfits you can put together to make yourself look thinner.

I wrote this article to provide you with 3 great ways to look slimmer through buying and wearing the apropriate outfits. Use these tips and you’ll shave at least ten pounds off of your figure right away. Of course you won’t actually be ten pounds lighter, but at least you’ll look ten pounds lighter. Go through these tips and then head on over to womens clothing sale and buy some slimming garments for yourself.

Strategy 1 – Appropriate Jean Selection

Jeans have been around for hundreds of years now and won’t be going anywhere soon. We all love to wear jeans, but what if your jeans are making you look thicker? Here are two things to watch out for when buying a new pair of jeans.

The color is the first area women need to think about. Your jeans should have a darker wash with minimal fading. This creates a more streamlined look and can hide unflattering hips. After this, you’ll want to check out the rise of the jeans. Opt for a medium or large rise. These types of rises will hide your tummy and keep everything tucked in nice and neat.

Strategy 2 – Appropriate Top Selection

The next area to think about is your top. It seems that many misguided woman want to wear baggy tops. Thicker women wear these baggy tops with the intention of hiding their thickness. Unfortunately, this usually has the opposite effect for most women. A woman can accidentally add ten pounds to her figure simply by giving off the illusion that there is more to her. Baggy clothing on a bigger body is never very flattering.

A better solution is to buy a top with color inserts or vertical details. Vertical details will make a woman look longer and color inserts will accentuate thinner areas and make a woman look more curvy.

Strategy 3 – Bottom And Top Coordination

One way to create a more curvy appearance is to have your tops and bottoms work synergistically. Wear a bright top and a darker bottom to make your top look thicker and your bottom look thinner. An example of this would be a pink top with a purple bottom. The classic white top with black bottom would also work, but make sure the top has a print pattern on it rather than just a plain solid white.

Another option would be to wear a sweater and a skirt. These combinations will give you extra curves. The skirt and sweater should both fit well, but the sweater will have more bulk to it so you’ll look a bit curvier.

Thanks for reading my three slimming fashion tips. Remember to visit mens clothing sales to save money on your new outfit purchases.