The Benefits Of Having Home Water Filters

The Benefits Of Having Home Water Filters

There are several benefits of using home water filters. The major one is that they remove serious contaminants including nitrates and heavy metals from your supply. More information on how they help to keep your family healthy is below.

Most people do not thing of farming as polluting groundwater. However, the fertilizers used on crops contain nitrates that seep in the soil. Once they are ingested into the body, they hinder a person’s blood supply from getting enough oxygen.

Industrial waste also threatens our H2O supplies. Heavy metals containing cadmium, chromium, selenium, and lead, are found in wells, rivers, and streams. In addition, some areas have naturally occurring deposits of arsenic that dissolve into the groundwater.

Using home filter systems can destroy different types of contaminants. There are four types of systems available. They are systems for use with a pitcher, under the sink, mounted on the faucet, and one that is used for the whole house. They work by removing contaminants such as bacteria, lead, pesticides, inorganic and organic chemicals, viruses, trihalomethanes, asbestos, and pollen as the liquid flows over their filtering system.

The pitcher model is easiest to use but only produces a small amount at a time. The faucet mounted model screws onto the faucet head and usually has a switch to choose between using filtered or regular tap. Under sink models attach to the pipes under the counter and has a dispenser requiring instillation on the counter top. A whole house system is usually installed while the house is being built. It filters all the H20 flowing through the pipes and requires a specific filtration salt be added.

The prices will vary but doing comparison shopping will get you the best deal. Do a little research to determine what type of home water filters will best satisfy the needs of your family. Then enjoy a nice cold refreshing and healthy glass of H20.

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