Why You Should Think About Growing Beans At Home

Are you thinking about growing beans at home?

Nowadays a lot of people are getting into gardening.  Not only is it a rewarding hobby but it is one solution to fight the increasing prices of food commodities in the market.  By growing your own beans you get to save money from your grocery expenses and you get to eat fresh and nutritious veggies.

Beans are the second most common vegetable planted in gardens.  Tomatoes ranked first as the number one veggie of choice.  Beans come from the legume family with two main types and numerous varieties you can pick from.

Because beans are easy to grow and require little care, people just love growing them.  They are a primary choice for veggie gardeners due to the nutritional benefits they bring. 

One of the best things about beans is that they provide a good source of protein.  Proteins are needed by the body to help build the muscles.  Eating beans can help strengthen your muscles.

Furthermore, beans are low in calories and fats.  Too much fat intake can increase your risk for developing hypertension.  Since beans have low calories, weight conscious people will have no problem eating this vegetable.  It is also one of the food favorites of vegetarians.

Beans are included in many cooking recipes and having them readily available in your garden would be helpful.  Imagine, you wont have to rush to the supermarket just to buy beans for your recipes.

Buying fresh beans in supermarkets can be costly.  Even buying beans in cans can be costly.  Once you grow your own beans, you get to save money on grocery expenses. 

See how beneficial growing beans are?

Lastly, planting beans and getting into the garden stops you from having a sedentary lifestyle.  It keeps you on the move such as when you water your plants or remove weeds, and the like.  You may not notice it, but this is already a form of exercise.

With the numerous benefits they bring it’s no wonder people are growing beans.