Tips On When Your Baby Starts Taking His Or Her First Steps

Alas! Your baby finally starts taking his or her first steps. So now what’s next? You cannot avoid the fear that your child might hit himself against something or suddenly trips. This is why child-proofing your entire house once your toddler starts walking is important.

Throughout  Your House

  • Be sure to install window guards that have more than four-inch opening in them. Cordless window coverings are advisable to keep your toddler from accidents.
  • Furniture, appliances, paintings, and even small decors in your house have to be secure to prevent these from falling and from harming or tripping your toddler.
  • Breakable things such as picture frames and others have to be elevated out of your toddler’s reach.
  • Houses that have tall stairs would usually require baby gates in every landing.
  • Keep small things away as these have potential choking hazard to your child.
  • Put cushions in all furniture edges.
  • Use tapes to cover exposed electrical outlets.
  • Indoor plants should be placed out of your toddler’s reach.
  • Rooms and doors are also potential areas where accidents can happen so it is important to install locks in each.


In Your Nursery:

  • First, position your crib mattress at a very low level.
  • Remove the mobile from the crib.
  • Place your child’s crib away from open areas such as doors and windows.
  • Toy chests without lids are also recommended as children might hurt their hands while getting their toys.


Don’t Miss The Kitchen

  • Appliances should also be placed where your toddler cannot easily reach for it.
  • Also make sure to install safety latches in freezers, refrigerators, etc..
  • Guards on stove and knobs should also be installed and pot handles should always be turned toward the wall.
  • Low cabinets and drawer also have to have safety latches.
  • Keep away plastics and tie bags to prevent suffocation and strangling hazards.
  • Other things that should be kept away also include magnets and other small stuff.
  • Of course, parents should always secure knives with latches on them.


The Bathroom Of Course

  • Keep your appliances such as hair dyer where your child will not reach them.
  • Toilet doors shouldalso be kept safely locked.
  • Lock up your medicine cabinet and store your shampoos and other items in a closed area secure enough from your child’s hands.
  • Lastly, see to it that your child is always with you or his nanny.

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